Hollywood Studio Seeks Vintage Ford Bronco Models For Use in Upcoming Film

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The Ford Bronco is an American icon. Over the decades, it’s appeared in multiple films, television shows, and many other forms of media. Now, a Hollywood studio is looking for three vintage Ford Bronco models to star in an upcoming production, according to Bronco Nation.

The exact studio in question hasn’t officially been revealed, but the Bronco Nation assures that not just any vintage Bronco will do. Specifically, the studio is seeking first generation red half cab models in nice, original condition, as well as a 1984-1989 Ford Bronco II model, preferably with red and white two-tone paint.

Vintage Ford Bronco prices have been skyrocketing since the Blue Oval brand announced last summer that the beloved off-road icon would be returning, so it makes sense that owners may be a bit hesitant to let a movie producer borrow their cherished ride.

To mitigate these concerns, the studio-in-question has assured that the vehicle will be stored securely while on set, and they’ll be fully insured in the event that any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Furthermore, the studio has promised that the vehicles are needed only for stationary shots that require little to know movement, so owners won’t have to worry about their Broncos undergoing crazy stunts like jumping bridges and moving trains à la Fast and the Furious.

Filming for the production is scheduled to take place on June 3rd and 4th in Los Angeles. Interested Bronco owners are being asked to provide photos and information about their SUVs to the studio.

Imagine how cool it would be to see your pride and joy displayed proudly on the silver screen? Those interested in that bragging right can submit their vehicle for consideration by emailing Bronco Nation at [email protected]

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