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Our customers are our first priority here at Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ, and we understand that giving them the best is about more than just providing great vehicles and excellent customer service. It’s also about offering long-term support to make their experience of vehicle ownership easier and smoother, and to ensure that their vehicle and their relationship with us lasts for many years to come. Our service center is one of the ways that we offer this support! With quality facilities and staff members and the capability to tackle any problem your vehicle may have, the Winner Ford Service Center is an invaluable resource for each and every one of our customers.

Our Facilities

At our state-of-the-art service center here in Cherry Hill, we have everything we need to take care of your vehicle. Our facilities are carefully designed for functionality and stocked with the tools, equipment, and materials we need to handle everything from basic maintenance to tricky repairs. From powerful trucks to sporty SUVs, we can keep any kind of vehicle in good condition, and with our auto parts department, if you need a replacement or you just like tinkering around with your vehicle yourself, we’ll be able to provide just what you need!

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Our Technicians

When you come to Winner Ford for servicing, you know that you’re leaving your vehicle in good hands. Our experienced mechanics and technicians know Ford vehicles inside and out, and with their training and expertise, everything from regular services and maintenance to full repairs are possible whenever you need them. Here, you can always rely on getting quality service from technicians who understand how important your vehicle is in your daily life. We work to get your car back in good condition as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can get on the road and go about your day again!

Taking Care of Your Vehicle

A car that doesn’t get regular servicing on schedule and repairs when needed isn’t a car that’s going to be safe and reliable, nor will it provide you with the longevity you need from your vehicle. At our service center, we’ll ensure that this is never a problem for you! For things like oil changes, tire rotations, fluid top-offs, or other routine maintenance tasks, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us and we’ll have you in and out in no time. For bigger repairs, let our experienced team members handle the hard work! It can all happen right here in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If you’re interested in getting your vehicle serviced at Winner Ford, make sure to schedule an appointment with us today! Our service team will be happy to help you.

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