Ford’s $1M Scholarship Program for Automotive Technician Students

April 10th, 2023 by

Ford is taking proactive steps to address the current shortage of trained automotive technicians, and they’re doing it fast! They have launched a range of new training programs, including EV training courses, ASSET programs, and scholarships for apprenticeships. Now, Ford has taken their efforts a step further by announcing a $1 million dollar scholarship for technician training, demonstrating their commitment to the industry’s future.

Elena Ford, Chief Customer Experience Officer, recognizes the importance of skilled technicians in the transition to an electrified future. She emphasizes the need for technicians proficient in STEM-related fields and highlights the scholarship program as an opportunity to attract a new generation of diverse students to the industry.

The scholarship, called the Ford Auto Tech Scholarship, will be provided by Ford Fund, the company’s philanthropic arm, and distributed by the non-profit TechForce Foundation in four major U.S. cities. It is available to current and future students enrolled in post-secondary auto or auto and diesel technician training programs and can be applied toward tuition, transportation, living expenses, and tools.

The scholarship program aims to address the current shortage of automotive technicians, especially in under-resourced communities. TechForce reports that the U.S. only produces 48,000 graduates from tech programs each year, while demand for technicians sits at a much higher 258,000 annually. To apply, simply visit the Tech Force application page online to get started.

This new scholarship program represents Ford’s continued commitment to fostering the growth of the industry by investing in the education and training of future automotive technicians. Applications are open until June 30, 2023, and results will be announced on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer. Ford is taking a positive step in the right direction to secure the future of the automotive industry!

At Haldeman in Cherry Hill, we are thrilled to see Ford’s commitment to supporting the future of the automotive industry through their new scholarship program. We recognize the importance of skilled technicians and welcome the opportunity to attract a new generation of diverse students to the industry. Feel free to contact us online for more information about the Ford Fund or about any of the company’s latest vehicles!

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