Ford Reveals New Certified Glass Network

May 12th, 2022 by

To help improve how glass windshield replacements and glass components fit, function, provide safety, and maintain structural durability during repair, Ford is officially starting the Ford Certified Glass Network.


In a recent announcement, Ford went on the record stating that the default equipment windshields and glass for vehicles are designed and tested to operate as part of a larger system, offering structural support during an accident and providing clear, undistorted visibility for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).


“The Ford Certified Glass Network supports glass replacement companies who seek to be differentiated in the market by achieving our certification requirements,” said Jennifer Boyer, director of strategy and business, Ford customer service division.


To guarantee Ford Certified Glass Installers are trained well enough to meet the new requirements for quality glass installation, Ford’s network needs a given installer to earn the right certifications to prove they have the installation capabilities and technique to complete the work right. Benefits to the certified installer include access to technical repair procedures, calibration coaching and technical hotline support. Ford also offers industry-leading process coaching for the installation.


According to Ford, “the adverse effects of a poor installation on driving assistance technology happen when an aftermarket windshield cannot duplicate the precise location of the camera attachment brackets on a windshield which often distorts the optical quality of the camera.”

Ford’s innovative Head Up Display (HUD) windshields use digital light projection technology to display driving information right on the glass, including the vehicle speed, driver assist features, and navigation. HUD windshields are specifically designed to eliminate secondary HUD images.


SoundScreen acoustic windshield and side glass components are developed with acoustic dampening capabilities within the very glass layers to help cut out noise from the road, wind, and other exterior sources so the inside of your vehicle stays relaxing. The use of this technology goes above and beyond SAE standards and not using this will result in increased interior noise, Ford said.


Additional requirements for installer certification include regular communication with customers during glass installation and a follow up customer satisfaction survey. Accredited installers must also give out a limited lifetime warranty that ensures the repairs done by the Ford Certified Glass Installer against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the customer that owns the vehicle at the time of repair continues to own the vehicle.

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