Ford & J.D. Power ChromeData: Better Vehicle Build Data Coverage

November 14th, 2022 by

Ford and J.D. Power ChromeData, a leading provider of vehicle data and software solutions, revealed this week their agreement to use Ford and Lincoln vehicle build data for ChromeData VIN Descriptions. This is a big deal because Ford and Lincoln vehicle build data provides OEM-sourced vehicle info from the time a vehicle was manufactured, enabling more accurate insurance quotes, which helps customers overall.

More generally, ChromeData helps J.D. Power develop advanced automotive technologies to make driving better for everyone. These technologies enable the company’s industry partners to efficiently support and promote vehicle sales, parts, and services. From data services to technology tools to retail video marketing campaigns, our comprehensive product suite spans the entire lifecycle of the automotive industry.

‘We are committed to help Ford and Lincoln customers get the most accurate insurance quotes for their vehicle. This is another way we are helping provide value to our customers as part of owning a Ford or Lincoln,’ stated Amy Graham, Services Marketing director at Ford Motor Company.

The automaker’s manufacturing data delivers a complete view of a given vehicle’s feature content. When used alongside the extensive ChromeData Vehicle Catalog, this data can provide precise VIN descriptions – which are crucial for insurance companies, dealers, financers, marketers, and general valuation efforts. With this partnership, ChromeData will be able to access build data for approximately 80% of the automotive brands purchased in the U.S.

‘For nearly three decades, ChromeData has set the standard for the most accurate, timely and complete vehicle data and content in the industry,’ stated Craig Jennings, president of the Autodata Solutions division at J.D. Power. ‘Not only does Ford’s vehicle build data further expand the benefits of our services, but it also provides dealers and other industry partners with a better understanding of which features come with each Ford and Lincoln vehicle.’

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