Ford Expands BlueCruise Automated Driving Availability

August 18th, 2023 by

Ford BlueCruise hardware now installed in all new Ford vehicles

Ford BlueCruise, Ford’s advanced hands-free driving technology, is about to expand its availability to become accessible to even more Ford customers. The hardware for this technology will now be included standard from the factory, and drives with equipped vehicles can opt in at any point during their ownership of the vehicle, whether it be at purchase, annually, or even monthly.

“BlueCruise is an experience-it-to-believe-it technology, and people are amazed at how BlueCruise can help make driving less stressful and more enjoyable – especially in traffic or on long drives,” said Ashley Lambrix, Head of Commercial Acceleration – Ford Model e. “We believe in this technology and how it can help transform the highway driving experience and want to give more customers the opportunity to try it and provide flexibility for them to activate it when they want to use it.”

In the 2024 model year, it is estimated that 500,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles across North America will have BlueCruise hardware installed. Ford customers who already know and love the technology can choose to have BlueCruise already activated in their vehicle for three years at time of purchase. For those who want a stress-free way to try it out, a 90-day free trial is available, after which the customer can choose to activate BlueCruise on an annual or monthly basis at any point.

There’s no minimum time commitment for activating BlueCruise on a properly equipped Ford vehicle. If you want it just for one month to use on a big road trip and then never use it again, that’s fine! If you want it for a longer period of time to make stop-and-go traffic on your daily commute easier, that’s available as well. BlueCruise activation costs $2,100 for three years at time of order or vehicle purchase. After a complimentary trial of the technology, a vehicle owner can choose an annual plan for $800 or a monthly plan for $75. Even without BlueCruise activated, drivers will still have access to Adaptive Cruise Control, which lets you set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle ahead, even in stop-and-go traffic.

Ford customers have spent over a million hours using Ford BlueCruise to date and driven over 100 million miles and counting using the advanced technology. This new low-commitment availability will help even more drivers experience it! As Ford’s advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) engineers continue to work on the tech, improvements will continue to become available and can be shared through vehicle software updates.

If you’re interested in trying out Ford BlueCruise for yourself, you can take a look at our online inventory here to see our available vehicles!

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