4 Tips For Extending the Life of Your Engine

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Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. Without it, your automobile ceases to be either automatic or mobile. That’s why it’s especially important to take extra care of your engine.

Proper engine maintenance ensures that your next driving experience doesn’t end in disaster. Luckily, there are many simple tasks you can perform to make your car’s engine last a whole lot longer.

Check out these four great tips for extending the life of your engine.

Keep It Clean 

Like anything else, your engine will become more and more dirty with heavier use. To keep it operating at peak efficiency, it’s important to keep your engine clean of dirt, dust, debris, and grime. 

Over time, ignoring this task can lead to blocked filters, which can trap heat underneath your hood and cause your engine to overheat..

To alleviate this problem, a certified mechanic will often use a manufacturer-recommended degreaser or vacuum tool to remove the mess, keeping debris accumulations away from your engine.

Service the Spark Plugs 

Another way to extend the life of your engine is to periodically clean any dirt and grime from your vehicle’s spark plugs. Doing so will keep these irritants out of your combustion chamber, preventing any issues they may arise further down the road.

To do this, the factory-certified technicians at Winner Ford will remove the plug lead, clean the space surrounding it, remove the plug itself, and utilize a special cleaner and brush tool to remove grease buildup.

This is a small job, and keeping up with it frequently can go a long way in improving the health of your engine.

Keep It Lubricated 

A modern automotive engine has so many moving parts, that it’s especially important to keep it properly lubricated with manufacturer recommended fluids.

Ignoring this important maintenance task can cause increased friction within the parts of your engine. Over time, this can result in a dramatic increase in wear and tear. If left unchecked, this damage can become irreparable.

The experienced mechanics at Winner Ford will work to ensure that your crankshaft, piston rings, and cylinder walls are properly lubricated with all required fluids in order to improve your engine health and avoid excessive wear.

Keep Up on Your Oil Changes

An oil change is one of the most common maintenance tasks that should be performed on your ride. Think of the oil as the lifeblood of your engine. Without clean, fresh, and proper oil, your motor will have to work overtime to propel your vehicle down the road.

Over time, your oil can become cloudy, murky, thick, and coagulated, and this does your engine no favors. It is usually recommended that you change your vehicle’s oil once every 6 months or every 10,000 miles. If you do this, you can rest assured that your engine will continue to operate at peak performance.

If you feel that your engine could use any or all of the services mentioned above, don’t hesitate to schedule a service appointment with the experts at the Winner Ford Cherry Hill service center today!

You can do so online, by phone, or by stopping into our dealership in person today! We look forward to assisting you!
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