4 Simple Ways to Increase Engine Power

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Everyone loves a sports car, but have you ever wondered how to get the absolute most out of your engine’s power? Check out these four sweet and simple ways that you can increase the performance of your prized ride.

Installing an Efficient Cold Air Intake 

One of the most popular ways to increase horsepower and torque is by installing a high-quality Cold Air Intake or CAI. 

Colder air is denser, meaning it contains more molecules per unit of volume. The colder and denser the air inside your vehicle’s engine is, the more molecules you will have available to mix with fuel and generate more power.

Letting your car breathe more cleanly, efficiently, and deeply is exactly what a CAI is designed to do. As such, installing a high-quality one will always result in a power boost.

Reduce Vehicle Weight 

The lighter a vehicle is, the more quickly it will move. Just take a look at any modern motorsport where the main focus is power. Racers are always trying to reduce the maximum weight of their vehicle because they know it will result in better acceleration and higher top speeds.

To boost the power of your ride, try finding lighter replacements for the heavy parts found throughout your vehicle. You could even remove extra seating and unimportant trunk items, and upgrade to acrylic rather than glass windows.

Doing so will increase your car’s aerodynamics and allow the engine to turn out power more easily.

Choose the Right Gas 

Most modern sports and muscle cars require high-grade fuel to operate at peak performance. After all, it only makes sense that premium engines require equally premium fuel.

Failing to use the correct fuel required by your ride can reduce your engine’s combustion ability and overtime, it can cause your engine to start operating below its true optimal capacity.

It’s always a good idea to continually fill your tank with the exact fuel that is recommended by your vehicle’s owner's manual.

Clean Your Filters Regularly

Another extremely simple way to give your engine the slight power boost it needs is by remembering to clean its filters with some regularity.

A filter is to your car what lungs are to your body. With dirty or damaged filters, your engine will have difficulty breathing, and eventually, suffer from performance issues. You can prevent this by keeping your air and fuel filters clean and free of debris.

Doing this consistently will allow your engine to hit its maximum horsepower levels more with greater ease.

Now that you know about some great ways to boost power, all you need is a car that can get you there!

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