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Mobile Service Van and Pickup and Delivery | Winner Ford

Our FordPass program offers a variety of services for its members, and because Winner Ford Cherry Hill is a participating dealership, these perks are yours to take advantage of. With the FordPass program, you’re eligible for complimentary Pickup and Delivery services and Mobile Service Vans as options for servicing your Winner Ford vehicle.

Complimentary Options to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Pickup and Delivery services are when your dealership picks up your vehicle for you at a scheduled time and place, services your vehicle for you at the dealership, and returns your vehicle to you when the service is complete. The timing of your service is discussed when you book your appointment with Winner Ford. Ford’s FordPass program doesn’t specifically mention any limiting factors such as distance of pickup and return—those concerns among others can be addressed when you book your appointment with the dealership.

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Dedicated to Supporting You

If the time of your scheduled service needs to be changed or canceled, be sure to contact us—we’re more than happy to accommodate changes to fit your busy schedule. Unfortunately, FordPass does not cover some things, such as parts or repairs needed at the time of your servicing. Having a safe and properly functioning vehicle for you is important to us, and Winner Ford is more than happy to assist you with arranging a time for repairing your vehicle, so be sure to speak with staff about any concerns.

Outstanding Services

If having your vehicle picked up and returned doesn’t work for you and your schedule for whatever reason, FordPass offers another solution—a Mobile Service Van. These vehicles are specifically equipped to service your vehicle on the spot—you’re free to arrange a location and a time that suits you. Like with the Pickup and Delivery services, you’ll want to check ahead of time with us about any distance or mileage restrictions. The Mobile Service Van is capable of providing a wide range of services, including oil changes, filter changes, installing new brake pads, updating your vehicle’s software, and more!

Dedicated to Serving You

Winner Ford is dedicated to providing quality services—including quality of life services that make your life easier. The FordPass program offers many benefits as well. Be sure to see our FordPass section for a list of more services we may provide. Our Pickup and Delivery feature is perfect for your long days at work. But if your check engine light suddenly comes on and you need your vehicle serviced on the spot, the Mobile Service Van may be the better option. If you have any questions about which service you may benefit from the most, we’re happy to walk you through everything, and help you make the decision that works best for you and your life.

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