Future Vehicles at Winner Ford | Cherry Hill, NJ

Future Ford Vehicles at Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ

The automotive landscape is constantly evolving, and Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ is proud to offer a sneak peek into the cutting-edge world of future vehicles. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an eco-conscious driver, or an off-roader ready to embrace the next generation of reliable automotive power, our curated collection of future vehicles has something special in store for everyone. From electric vehicles that promise eco-friendly adventures to powerful performance machines that redefine excitement on the road, Ford is at the forefront of introducing the most anticipated vehicles of tomorrow. Let’s delve into the latest innovations, advanced technologies, and upcoming models that are set to revolutionize the way we drive.

2023 F-150 Raptor R

Just when you thought the F-150 Raptor couldn’t get any fiercer, Ford takes it to a whole new level with the insanely powerful F-150 Raptor R. Equipped with beefy 37″ All-Terrain tires, this beast grips the ground with ferocity, channeling every ounce of power from the 5.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine. The F-150 Raptor R demands attention with its prominent grille, commanding stance, and eye-catching Code Orange accents. Step inside, and you’ll experience the perfect fusion of comfort and performance. Race-inspired black RECARO front seats with luxurious leather insert seating surfaces keep you firmly in place, no matter how rough the terrain. The Ford F-150 Raptor R is the ultimate manifestation of strength and innovation, ready to take on any challenge that comes its way. If you’re seeking unparalleled power, striking design, and unmatched comfort, your search ends here.

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2023 Maverick Tremor

Get ready to conquer new horizons with the all-new 2023 Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package, Ford’s latest addition to its esteemed line of off-road trucks. This rugged powerhouse is designed to leave a lasting impression with its striking dark-appearance headlamps and taillamps, complemented by unique badges and accents that set it apart both on the inside and outside. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the advanced 4WD with Twin-Clutch Rear Drive and selectable drive modes ensure you have a firm grip on the terrain, even in low-traction situations. With off-road-tuned suspension boasting an extra 1-inch ground clearance rise, steel skid plates, and all-terrain tires, confidence becomes your constant companion over any landscape. The 2023 Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package is a true testament to Ford’s commitment to delivering power, precision, and unmatched off-road prowess.

2024 Ford Mustang

Get ready to buckle up and embark on an extraordinary driving adventure with the all-new 7th-generation 2024 Ford Mustang lineup. This revved-up masterpiece is set to redefine daily drives, offering an unparalleled, visceral experience that will leave you breathless. One of the standout features is the available curved, configurable dual-display, accompanied by a mesmerizing 13.2″ center screen boasting stunning graphics powered by the Unreal Engine. It’s a virtual cockpit that will transport you to a whole new dimension, making every moment behind the wheel a captivating joyride. But the heart of this beast lies under the hood of the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse model. The 4th-generation Coyote 5.0L V8 engine lets out a mighty roar that effortlessly drowns out all distractions. The redesigned interior is like entering a realm of sophistication and personalization. Choose from four distinct detailed interior themes, each tailored to perfection, complete with color-matched seatbelts and stitching. It’s a customized look that reflects your unique style, right from the factory.

2024 Ford Ranger

The all-new 2024 Ranger midsize pickup truck is the epitome of off-road performance, meticulously engineered to fuel your wanderlust and take on any terrain with unmatched prowess. The suspension of the 2024 Ranger is a marvel in itself, featuring outboard mounted shocks, a wider track width, and an extended length. It’s a combination that spells epic adventures. Feel the rush as you rev up the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine, knowing the enhanced chassis is ready to tackle any rugged trail, keeping you firmly in control, even when the pavement ends. But for those seeking the ultimate off-road dominator, the 2024 Ranger Raptor is the answer. Unleashed with a powerful twin-turbocharged 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine, this beast is born to conquer the dunes and leave competitors in the dust. Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a daring adventurer craving new experiences, the 2024 Ranger lineup promises to elevate your journeys to extraordinary heights.

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