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Welcome to FordPass, the only app that puts rewards, roadside assistance, and connectivity features in the palm of your hand. For the first five years from the date you purchased your new Ford, you’ll be able to use the FordPass App and Sync Connect features for free. During this period, you can unlock badges and earn gifts from Ford. The FordPass App also helps you access complimentary remote features, like start/stop, lock/unlock, scheduling a vehicle start, locating your vehicle, and checking the status of your vehicle when it’s equipped with FordPass Connect. You can even keep an eye on your fuel level and oil life with the tap of a finger. Plus, you’ll earn Points when you buy or lease a new vehicle or get service at Winner Ford with FordPass Rewards.

Vehicle Control at Your Fingertips

The innovative FordPass App transforms your mobile device into an engaging and interactive user’s manual that can remotely start your new Ford with the touch of a button. When you add the FordPass App to your Android device or iPhone, you can conveniently find information about your new car, schedule maintenance appointments, search for the lowest fuel prices, and locate your vehicle in a busy parking lot. And there’s more! At Winner Ford, we’d love to show you all the features on the FordPass App. Our team can help you navigate your FordPass App so that you can control your new Ford from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Handy Features With SYNC Connect

A lot of Ford’s latest vehicles arrive with modems that make the FordPass App as convenient as it is powerful. After SYNCing the app to your new Ford, you can connect your mobile device as a remote starter. The app is also designed to provide you with vehicle health reports so you know when it’s time to schedule your next oil change, change your vehicle’s air filter, or set up an appointment for routine maintenance. One of the best simple features of the FordPass App is that it lets you lock and unlock your new Ford. If you’ve ever forgotten where you’ve parked, the FordPass App is also able to tell you where your vehicle is. If you do have a Ford with a modem, the FordPass App lets you track available Wi-Fi Hotspot data too. You can track usage, access your plan details, and connect with the carrier.

Enhanced Safety And Security

The new FordPass App introduces powerful and easy to use features that reduce how many informative materials you would normally need to store in your vehicle. However, the most crucial aspect of the FordPass App is improved safety. When you boot the app and SYNC it to your vehicle, you’ll get access to roadside assistance. Considering that the app also shows you where your vehicle is 24/7, this information can help law enforcement find your Ford if it ever gets stolen. You can also add the FordPass Park app to help you find parking spaces in crowded cities; this is another feature that supports your safety while on the road.

The FordPass App is the latest innovative piece of technology that adds convenience and utility to every Ford you own, supporting you with peace of mind during every trip. To learn more about the fine details of the FordPass App, feel free contact Winner Ford in Cherry hill today!

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