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Commercial Upfits with Winner Ford

No matter the size of your fleet or the industry you work in, the best way for you and your employees to be on top of your game is for your vehicles to be set up just right. No commercial vehicle is truly one-size-fits-all, so upfitting can help you to set up a fleet with all the configurations you need in order to work efficiently on the road. From shelving units and custom floors to ladder racks and cargo box upfits, at Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ we can help you get your commercial vehicles set up for any job. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer!

Van Upfits

From the reliable Ford Transit Connect to the modern and all-electric Ford E-Transit, commercial vans have a wide range of available upfits that can customize them to the needs of you and your business. Shelving and storage solutions, lights, ladder racks, custom non-slip flooring and more can all be used to majorly increase the functionality of your van and allow you and your drivers and employees to store your tools and materials and work easily no matter where your jobs take you.

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Truck Upfits

What could possibly make your durable, powerful Super Duty or F-150 Lightning Pro more capable and dependable? A commercial upfit from Winner Ford will do just that. If you and your crew do a lot of night work, fitting your truck with external lights can light up the job site and make life easier. If your truck’s storage gets a workout on every trip you take, a custom cargo box upfit can help you to keep your tools and other supplies easily accessible.

Hauler Upfits

With an E-Series or Transit cutaway, you get plenty of space and power for hauling, and with commercial upfits from Winner Ford, we can help you to maximize your room and functionality. With plenty of space for whatever cargo you need to bring along with you, you’ll be able to get the job done with speed and efficiency and be on to your next location in no time.

We know it takes a lot to run a business, so our team at Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ makes it our goal to give you one less thing to worry about by providing you with quality vehicles and excellent upfitting services. If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial vehicle upfits, please contact us online or by phone. You can also browse our inventory of commercial vehicles here!

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