What is a Frunk?

What is a Frunk? | Winner Ford in Cherry Hill, NJ

Ford’s latest vehicles always offer innovative features and designs, and the new F-150 Lighting’s Mega Power Frunk is no exception. While not all frunks are created equal, thanks to advancements in electrification the Mega Power Frunk offers impressive storage space at the front of the vehicle instead of behind. Essentially, since the F-150 Lightning’s electric powertrain is located completely under the pickup’s body, plenty of front space became available and transformed into cargo room. This creative design gives truck owners new levels of flexibility, versatility, and hauling power. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits a frunk provides!

Convenient & Spacious

The innovative F-150 Lightning’s frunk provides a massive 400 liters (14.1 cubic feet) of cargo space and an ultimate payload capacity of 400 pounds, making it the biggest frunk in its class. Thanks to its wide hinge design, the Lightning’s frunk is easier to open and slide stuff into than more conventional pickups’ trunk space. And if the truck’s cab is full of passengers, there’s still plenty of space to carry everyone’s small overnight bags and duffels, making the F-150 Lightning’s frunk as reliable and spacious as it is convenient.

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Electrified Versatility

Ford’s new Mega Power Frunk offers more than just vast amounts of convenient storage. It also comes equipped with Four Pro Power Onboard 120V outlets and two USB outlets. These provide drivers and passengers with up to 2.4 kilowatts of power, which is enough to charge smartphones, tablets, a TV, skillets, or even a mini fridge when you want to watch your favorite show. Additionally, lights are installed in the hood so you can always get a clear view of how to best-use the cargo space. You can even open the Mega Power Frunk in a variety of ways, including via your key fob, the grille-mounted release button, the FordPass App, the SecuriCode Keyless entry Keypad, and more.

Rugged Capability

Ford’s Mega Power Frunk can easily carry a wide range of heavy tools and professional equipment to ensure quality work. Whether you need to bring construction tools, work site materials, power equipment, or heavy luggage, Ford’s frunk is built to support your needs with plenty of storage space and features to prove it. For example, the Mega Power Frunk offers a durable, rubberized interior, a built-in drain hole for quick and easy clean up, cargo hooks, cargo nets, D-rings, a no-skid floor mat, and more. Owners can even get an adjustable opening height for the hood to ensure convenient use even when the ceilings are low.

We’ll no doubt see more frunk capabilities and spacious designs as Ford releases the latest electrified vehicles, like the F-150 Lightning and crossovers like the Mustang Mach-E. To learn more about the Mega Power Frunk or any of Ford’s vehicles with front-storage features, don’t hesitate to contact Winner Ford in Cherry Hill. Don’t hesitate to stop by our dealership in person to experience Ford’s latest automotive features for yourself!

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