Blue Oval

Welcome to BlueOval City– The Home of Ford’s Next Generation

Ford has been leading the charge for change and improvement in the automotive industry since the innovation of the moving assembly line over 100 years ago in 1913, and now it’s happening again with BlueOval City. Ford’s new megacampus in Tennessee is going to be the home of a brand new era for Ford, electric vehicles, and the entire industry.

Breaking ground for BlueOval City means breaking ground on a new future for transportation. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary site and how it’s going to affect your beloved Ford vehicles going forward!

Building a Better Future

BlueOval City has been planned in tandem with BlueOval SK Battery Park in order to revolutionize how electric vehicles and batteries are designed, built and recycled. These two campuses will work together to produce the next generation of Ford electric and hybrid vehicles and the batteries that will power them.

Between the strong demand for electric vehicles and the increasing needs for manufacturing reform, there are many challenges facing the industry and the world at large today, and an innovative solution like BlueOval city can help to address them. In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, Ford expects 40% to 50% of its global vehicle volume to be fully electric by 2030, and aims to achieve global carbon neutrality in all operations by 2050. BlueOval City is going to be a big part of making those goals into realities.

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A New Kind of Campus

Over 100 years ago, Ford built the Rouge vehicle assembly plant and created a facility unlike any other that existed in the world at the time. The Rouge was vertically integrated and had its own power plant, steel mill and glass factory. It was a major leap forward for Ford and became defining for automotive production overall. Now, with BlueOval City and BlueOval SK, Ford is getting ready to do it again.

The assembly plant at BlueOval City has been designed with a vision of sustainability in mind. When the plant is fully operational, it is expected to be completely carbon neutral and to send zero waste to the landfill, as well as meeting Ford’s ambitious air emissions goals. Biomimicry has been integral in the overall design of the plant facility in order to create a regenerative impact on the local environment. As a whole, BlueOval City is a campus designed to adapt to the changing needs of our world.

Giving Back

Creating a sustainable plant is about much more than carbon neutrality and zero-waste functioning– it’s also about supporting communities, environments, and people. Ford has organized multiple outreach efforts in West Tennessee, such as livestreamed discussions and collaborative projects, to try to support the local community. A project is currently underway to restore the stream on the University of Tennessee’s Lone Oaks Farm, as well as to enhance the STEM education available to students from kindergarten through 12th grade in the community. The BlueOval City is also expected to create over 11,000 new American jobs. All of these things represent a commitment to supporting not just the environment, but the people who call it home.

Ford’s BlueOval City is well on its way to becoming a revolutionary part of Ford’s history and the automotive industry. In the coming years, many of your favorite electric and hybrid Ford vehicles will be produced there! To take a look at the vehicles we have available now, take a look at our inventory here. You can also contact us with any questions.

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