Mindful Mode Strips Away All Distractions in the Ford Explorer

Americans spend too much time looking at screens, about half their day actually. Ford wants to help call the minds of their customers, so they’ve introduced Mindful Mode in the all-new Ford Explorer.

The 2020 Explorer has the quietest interior ever, and serenity is pushed even further with the new innovative Calm Screen display. When activated, Mindful Mode strips away all data other than fuel, speedometer, and the road ahead. The screen becomes simple and clean: calming.

“It’s no secret many people are tethered to their devices – engaging with screens at all hours day and night,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford global consumer trends and futurist. “People are increasingly aware of and alarmed by their device dependency. Yet if there’s one opportunity throughout the day to reduce your exposure to digital demands, it’s when you’re driving. Ford’s new Explorer can serve as a sanctuary from chaos and distraction.”

Smartphones and other devices are designed to engage the attention receptors in the human brain through sounds, shapes, and colors; the intent is to keep people coming back for more. The opposite is employed within Mindful Mode, it lulls the neurons with its cool blue color scheme.

Keep in mind the all-new Ford Explorer arrives this summer!

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