GoRide To Branch Into New Cities And States In 2019

Ford has been making great strides when it comes to helping people have more convenience in their lives. For more than a year, Ford has been piloting a program called GoRide Health in Southeast Michigan. The purpose of this service is to offer safe, reputable, and reliable rides for medical non-emergencies for people who cannot get there themselves.

For the first quarter of 2019, GoRide has maintained a 95 percent on-time rate, with most people waiting no more than 10 to 20 minutes for their ride. This even includes wheelchair accessible rides.

“Despite a critical and growing need across our country, most patients are unable to find reliable transportation and drivers who understand their needs. GoRide Health can fill that gap,” says Minyang Jiang, the CEO of GoRide Health. Making sure that everyone has access to these kinds of services means that people can get to their appointments more easily, so they can be healthier.

For the rest of 2019, GoRide Health will be focused on branching out to other cities in Ohio. The program currently operates in Toledo, but the service will open up to Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. By the end of the year, the program hopes to also be in Florida. 2020 will see the service in other states as well such as North Carolina, Louisiana, Texa, and California.

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