Five Emergency Items You Need In Your Car


Getting ready for your summer road trip? Well you need to make sure that you have everything you need before you get on the road. No, we’re not talking about all those snacks the kids (and let’s be honest you) insist on packing. We’re talking about packing your car with emergency items that will come in handy if you were to be in any sort of trouble. You can never predict what’s going to happen, but you can plan for everything.


A Flashlight


Sure, we all have flashlights on our cellphones, but that doesn’t really help you if your phones been smashed or is dead. No, you need a high quality flashlight. The best you can get are ones meant for in the trunk of your car. We don’t mean they fit perfectly, no they have features that are great for on the road. Make sure to pick out a flashlight that has a strobe feature so it can serve as a warning light. Place the warning flashlight on your trunk when your on the side of the road and other drivers will be able to see it from miles away. Prevent any more damage with a good flashlight.


Jumper Cables


You’re dad probably told you to keep a set of jumper cables in the car, did you listen to him? Well, you should, because having jumper cables in the car can get you out of a lot of frustrating situations. Make sure to get a set made from quality materials, you’re dealing with high voltage here and don’t want to mess around. Oh, and be sure to get a set that’s plenty long. The worst is when the jumper cables are so short you can’t even reach the other vehicle to jump start your’s.


Duct Tape


What isn’t this adhesive hero good for? Duct tape is truly the one tool to rule them all. Make sure to keep a roll in the trunk. Imagine you’ve got a leaky radiator hose. You can use duct tape to seal it up. Of course this isn’t a long term solution, but it will give you enough time to get somewhere safe.


A Good Jack


Keeping a quality jack in the trunk could be a literal life saver. There’s a reason they call the jacks that come with some cars “widow makers.” Those jacks are notorious for failure, and the last thing you want is to be crushed by a car, right? Right. Get yourself a jack that you can rely on and you’ll never have to worry about changing a tire roadside.


A Fire Extinguisher


A fire extinguisher is essential in your car. They force you to keep one on your boat, but for some reason you don’t “need” one in your car. A fire extinguisher can literally save lives, but make sure to get one that’s rated for liquid and electrical fires. Don’t risk the unthinkable, get a good fire extinguisher.


Have fun this summer and drive safe!

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