A Fully Electric Ford SUV Announced in China


On June 6, Ford’s chinese partner Jiangling announced the Ford Territory electric vehicle, EV. It’s Ford’s first pure electric vehicle launched in China. The SUV is said to drive up to 224 miles on a charge.


The SUV is a new version of China’s Yusheng S330 SUV. Doesn’t sound familiar? Well, that model isn’t available in the states. This is a region locked SUV and we’re a bit jealous. I mean look at it, it looks pretty cool and it’s an EV.


Apparently, this SUV will come with unlimited charging in major Chinese cities. This is huge, as charging a vehicle in China isn’t something most people have access to.


Chen Anning the president and CEO of Ford Motor Company said in a statement, “We will combine Ford’s global new energy strategy, inject Chinese genes and Chinese wisdom, and fulfill the promise of ‘more Ford, more China.’”


That certainly sounds like something, and we’re happy to hear that Ford’s Chinese branch will be making strong attempts to adhere to the new energy standards that Ford is setting for itself. Ford recently released its Sustainability Report where the company set goals to create a much more eco friendly future not just in the U.S. but globally.


Ford’s vision for the future is to become the world’s most trusted company, and this means starting from the individual customer and going up. The company hopes to design smart vehicles for a smart world, and it seems that they’re starting with EVs like this one. Some of their goals are driving mobility and accessibility for all which the company is working on with an organization called SHE-MOVES.


SHE-MOVES (Strengthening Her: Mobilizing Ventures for Social Innovation) is a grant program that will benefit women and children in India, South Africa, and Nigeria.


Ford plans to become the most inclusive and diverse enterprise globally.

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