Ford’s Bizzare Hangover Suit From 2016 — We Didn’t Forget


The hangover suit was built by Ford to replicate the feelings you might have when you’re hungover. It’s the brainchild or Erik Feß and Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel. These two are third party research and development consultants for Ford. 


Meyer-Hentschel said, “We’ve done a lot of desk research — of course — especially in the medical field.” But what truly inspired this suit’s inception was when Feß and Meyer-Hentschel decided to have their own hangover experiences. 


Feß and Meyer-Hentschel recalled that fateful night, “Two beers…” said Feß. “A bottle of very good Italian wine…” said Meyer-Hentschel. “A few shots…” Feß continued. “Some bourbons…” Meyer-Hentschel added. “S’more beers, and then that’s all I remember,” concluded Feß with a grin. “That’s part of our research!” interjected Meyer-Hentschel.


These two were cooking up something no sober mind could fathom. 


They realized that there is no one hangover, but many, many hangover types. They decided to focus on individual symptoms that were common across the board. 


To simulate the sensitivity to light they added a lens that blocks all warm light and attached a lamp that projects cold light near the eye. The contraption creates the feeling of dizziness that many suffer from after a big night. The team also added a pair of headphones that increase the volume of surrounding sounds and plays the sound of pulsing blood in your ear. Basically they developed a migraine machine. What a fascinating innovation. 


Next, Feß and Meyer-Hentschel added a weighted cap. It makes the wearer feel heavy, and it’s “tightly fastened” to the wearers head. 


Meyer-Hentschel claims the hardest part of this whole experiment was trying to make the mouth dry. Meyer-Hentschel recalls, “We tried many, many, many things. Chocolate powder, a sponge in the mouth, we even used pharmaceuticals — nothing work.”  


This whole experiment and the invention that followed was an effort to inform people of the dangers of driving with a hangover. People think that once the night is over they’re good to drive but that isn’t true. Scientific research shows that your ability to drive hungover is decreased nearly the same as if you had alcohol in your blood.

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