New Study Claims Driver-Assist Technologies Could End Annoying Back-Seat Driving

Have you ever been driving peacefully down the road only for your relaxing experience to be ruined by obnoxious back-seat driving from your passengers? Well according to a new study, the latest driver-assistance technologies, like Ford CoPilot360, could lead to a significant reduction in this annoying behavior.

The latest study, conducted by Ford and sociologist Jess Carbino, found that 68 percent of drivers believe back-seat driving behavior could decrease as a result of increasingly advanced driver-assist technologies. The study concluded that growing confidence in these technologies can lead to the reduction, and eventual elimination, of the perceived need for back-seat driving input.

“For a lot of drivers, constantly getting advice from passengers is more than just annoying, it’s stressful,” said Carbino. “The Ford Co-Pilot360 helps encourage trust during the drive and can help create a more relaxed, collaborative atmosphere in the car,” she added.

Interestingly, this study’s results also contradict the commonly held belief that technology causes a divide in human social connection.

It’s true that that back-seat driving can cause problems between drivers and passengers, but elements of the study suggest driver-assist technology can step in to take care of concerns about safety and navigation, allowing drivers and passengers to focus more on the pleasant aspects of a car ride, especially casual conversation and social bonding. 

With Ford Co-Pilot360, drivers can relax a little. Ford’s advanced assistive technology includes a Blind Spot Information system with Cross-Traffic alert, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, and an enhanced navigation system. All of these tools are available in the newest models from Ford, and can definitely help drivers remain confident and collected wherever the road takes them.

“Certainly the intent of Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology was not to eliminate backseat driving,” said Ford Co-Pilot360’s engineering manager Chris Billman. “But hey, if we can help in that way too, that’s great!”

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